You can now Make Your Own ceramic & pottery items at Mug 'n Brush! We are currently offering hand building classes in working with clay and you can create your items from start to finish, all at one facility! No more waiting excessive times for places to fire your creations or lugging it from one place to the other to get fired!

There is no quick way or a quick course to master the craft of ceramics or pottery, it is a lifelong learning journey which can lead you into many different directions. We do not aim to teach everything that there is to know about ceramics, but instead give you the basic tools to get started. Whether you want to create sculptural or functional ceramic items, we can provide the space, help and support along the way as you start to discover the wonderful world of working with clay!

Making your own ceramics is a process, not just a quick duck-in-duck-out activity. There is three main stages of creation as seen below:

make your own pottery mug n brush cups plates mugs sculptures

We have a simple process for you to get started to work with clay. The most crucial part is to attend one of our Introduction to clay workshops here we can meet you, teach you a basic technique, welcome you to our space and introduce you to our ways of working with clay in our studio. You are welcome to attend as many Intro to clay workshops as you want, they will all cover different techniques to help you broaden your knowledge about clay. When you feel ready, you can book your space and create on your own!

make your own pottery mug n brush cups plates mugs sculptures

Our Make Your Own sessions or the hiring of space is limited to adults only. Kids can attend one of our many kids clay classes or attend our Kids clay term programs if they also want to work with clay.